Banisio Wines.

Objectives: To develop a corporate website that accurately conveys the brand's philosophy and provides excellent usability and speed to build long-term customer relationships and brand awareness at a national and international level. Improve organic and paid search engine ranking in order to drive more web traffic and increase engagement.

Results: Banisio was a project from scratch where we sought to create a corporate website that would communicate the values and quality of their products, a crucial factor to differentiate the company from the competitors in the wine sector. We defined how the future interface would look like and built a strategy focused and based on their buyer persona.

To do this, we carried out an analysis of the competitors and the market, gathering valuable insights in order to establish the target audience and adapt the website to meet their needs and expectations.

Additionally to these efforts, we also developed a web design that perfectly represents Banisio's style: elegant, modern, and unique. We built a customer-focused marketing plan to increase brand awareness within the gastronomic market. To ensure greater usability, we designed a web structure split into sections, contacts, links, and redirects... Everything focused on the specific needs of the target audience and the UX/UI standards, thus ensuring a better user experience and a perfect and effective interface with the web objectives.

The last stage of this project consists of SEO and SEM work, both performed by our specialist Evgeniy Bukreev. We continue to work on the project today, but the latest organic and paid activities demonstrate increased traffic to the website, higher brand recognition, and greater customer loyalty compared to the early stages of the project.

Additional information: Banisio is a brand of wines that markets the best-known wines from the most famous regions of Spain and allows you to taste the flavor of the terroir and vineyards of our country all over the world.

Among its main business activities, we find export, where a specialized team selects and manages logistics to deliver the wines worldwide. This aspect made us move in an international environment that requires a corporate website available in different languages, both transparent and secure.

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