How to choose a target advertising specialist? 10 red flags of a targeted ads expert

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How to choose a target advertising specialist? 10 red flags of a targeted ads expert.

Targeted advertising is known as the most efficient way of promoting a business and reaching out to new customers. The overall success of an advertising campaign depends on a targeted ads specialist who is engaged in setting up and running ads on social networks

Today we will break down the aspects of a targeted ads expert work and find out what the warning signs of a bad specialist are.

What does a targeted ads specialist do?

This person is setting up targeted ads on social media networks. The essence of a targetologist's work is to research the audience, find the interests of the target audience in social networks and set up advertising campaigns according to those interests.

There is no secret recipe for a successful social media targeting campaign. But there are two factors that determine effective ads: creatives and relevant interests of the target audience. The Conversion Rate and CPC depend on how precisely the target ads specialist approaches those two aspects. Ads that are truly tailored to users’ interests happen to be the most efficient ones in attracting new customers. 

What are the responsibilities of a targeted ads specialist?

The job of a targeting specialist is to launch targeted ads. However, each advertising campaign requires much more effort and steps in preparation. Here is what a trustworthy expert always takes full responsibility for:

  • Studying the target audience, its gender, geolocation, age, interests and other relevant characteristics;
  • Planning out advertising campaigns;
  • Analysing of competitors' advertisements, target markets and creatives;
  • Being aware of the inside structure of different ads managers and their features;
  • Coming up with engaging creatives;
  • Collecting statistics on advertising campaigns and analysing data;
  • Managing and minimizing budget;
  • Reporting on the completed work and offering effective solutions.

Warning signs of a bad targeted ads expert

The demand for targeted advertising is growing. Unfortunately, the quality of work of some experts has much to be desired. Of course, dedicated specialists still dominate and make up the majority of the market. But it is worth considering a few points in order not to blow your budget. 


1. They are eager to kickstart a campaign without asking you a single question

Client briefing is one of the most essential stages in advertising. This step simply cannot be missed, otherwise, you risk wasting the entire budget. The more questions the expert asks you, the better they will be able to understand the specifics of your product and find suitable target advertising tools. 


2. They do not dive into your case

Half the campaign success depends on how the ad is relevant to the audience.

In order to do that an expert is supposed to define potential clients’ interests as accurately as possible. It is impossible without studying your particular case in detail.


3. They do not conduct competitive research 

The research involves identifying your competitors, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, studying their advertising creatives. The process might seem time-consuming, but no specialist should skip it. As the research is key in building a working and effective targeting strategy.


4. They skip on audience segmentation

Audience segmentation divides your campaign audience into different groups of users. The segmentation allows to target different ads to each segment and then compare the results. It also helps reveal the most effective advertising strategy for your next campaigns.


5. They promise instant results

Once you decide to grow via targeting, you have to know that it is a long game. If an expert ensures that real customers will come straight after the launch,  most likely they will not bring any customers either in 2 days or in 2 months. The process of setting up ads and getting results takes at least a month and includes lots of tests and optimisations.


6. Provides the overall cost of the campaign

At the start, when no tests have been done yet it is impossible to say how much a click will cost, how much leads will be generated. The specialist can make a preliminary forecast, but the exact numbers and KPI will be determined at least in a month.


7. They are not involved in creating creatives

The targeted ads specialist should not delegate the production of creatives to designers or copywriters. It is an expert who studies the target audience’s interests, therefore he must be able to create engaging advertisements himself.


8. They do not report on the progress and hide the result

Analysing metrics is one of the most important parts of the targeting analysis. Ads experts should constantly monitor the KPIs and improve them. Ideally, your expert should do the report once a week, plus a final monthly report.


9. They do not provide recommendations for improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

The work of a specialist does not end once a campaign is active. On the contrary, the most exciting part is about to start. A competent expert strives to get the lowest CPC for each client. The best results are achieved by analysing the performance of each ad and making adjustments.


10. They do not allocate the budget correctly or fail at determining the targeting cost

Here is the last sign that helps identify an expert who is not likely to contribute to your business. Setting and allocating the budget between different ad sets is key in improving results and ROI.


We hope those signs will help you choose wisely, promote your brand’s image and take your business to the next level! 

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