We will make your recognizable on Social Media.

1. Content.

The content you create is one of the most important components of any digital marketing and social media strategy. The mission of the content is to reflect your brand philosophy.

The SMMJAM team in Barcelona is formed of a creative team of leading photographers, videographers, graphic and motion designers who do their best to create bespoke content for your target audience. We produce content of any ambition from reportage shooting on location to creative shooting in a studio with professional models and a written script.

To elevate your brand image on social media we are happy to develop a unique turnkey profile branding (icons, colours, creatives as well as Instagram masks and other graphics).

Content Production Services

2. Copywriting.

Do not underestimate the importance of texts on social media platforms. The words you choose to address your audience do have power and should not be overlooked.

The impact of copywriting is crucial. Through a well-done text, you can significantly increase the value of your brand and boost sales. The rule here is simple: the better your copy is, the faster your business is thriving.

Our team includes professional copywriters who work passionately to make every word count. We offer copy production in different languages written by trusted native copywriters for your business to go global.

3. Advertising.

Social media advertising is the best cost-effective tool that allows delivering an advertising message directly to the required target audience. We have years of experience to effectively manage your advertising campaign. 

We conceptualize and create custom strategies to suit each client. Our team tests, analyses and adjusts strategies to ensure they drive visitors to your social media.  SMMJAM care. We work within your budget and make sure that every euro is spent properly. We achieve the lowest CPC 0,01 (cost per click) and CPL 0,5 (cost per lead).

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4. Personal Support.

We are truly proud of our personal approach system. There is a chat for each client where you can reach us within seconds. Our managers are always eager to consult you and provide full answers to all your questions. No more random statistics and questions left with no answer. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable along the way. The process of social marketing is clear and understandable. Our client knows what we do and why. We guide you through the process and coordinate every step.

We do more than just advising on SMM, we immerse ourselves into your business process and learn what is important to you and your business. We select the most relevant marketing tools and show you how to imply them to your niche. From now on, consider increasing your business turnover as our duty.

SMMJAM provides you with a wide range of social media promotion services, take a look at our social media promotion examples!

5 simple steps for Social Media growth:

Request and Briefing with personal manager

Fill out an application form on the SMMJAM website. We will contact you and consult with your project manager. Our team collects data and conducts a deep study of your business, examining the possible ways of promotion through social media. We will set promotion goals while keeping your desired result in mind.

Research and Strategy Development

Analysis and strategy development. We analyze your business, study your direct and indirect competitors, identify your advantages and unique selling proposition. Set up the promotion budget and final goals, whether it's social media website promotion or social media sales promotion, develop an SMM strategy and predict the results.


Coordination. We develop a content plan and rubrics, agree on all the aspects of social media promotion techniques with you. No more misunderstanding and questions like “why do you post this content today?” Promotion through social media marketing is easy with SMMJAM!

Project Launch and Hypothesis Testing

We make hypotheses, launch the project. At the stage of launching and testing hypotheses, we study user reactions and optimize the strategy. The testing stage takes on average from 1 to 3 months.

Analysis and Regular Reports

Analyses and monthly reports. We analyse all the data (from your profile and advertising campaigns) and optimize costs, increase lead generation. You always have access to all data in the client's folder. We are not just a social media promotion company, we are your daily marketing advisers!

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