Vinogrado Restaurant.

Objectives: Re-branding the corporate website to make it more dynamic, improve usability, and represent the company's values that were not clearly translated in the old version.

Results: Vinogrado is a well-known restaurant in Barcelona that stands out for its innovative approach while maintaining traditions in all its dishes. The early version of their website was basic, non-transparent, and not very intuitive. It didn't translate Vinogrado's culinary philosophy, providing an unappealing and low-conversion experience for visitors.

It was imperative to completely redesign the corporate website, and in order to convey its core values, we decided to make it 100% identity-based and customized. The re-branding included several areas, the most important of which was to create more appealing content about the restaurant, revealing the spirit of Vinogrado and its vision of cuisine.

We worked on its brand positioning by analyzing its competitors, developing a more robust brand identity, layout, and programming of the admin panel.

One more key effort was the redesign of the website. We chose the restaurant's
in-house tones, conveying the atmosphere that one breathes when enjoying their evening at Vinogrado on the site.

We managed to communicate Vinogrado's values through a minimalist, elegant, and avantgarde style. We also simplified the navigation of the site, making it more intuitive, engaging, and interactive.

The implementation of the new design resulted in a higher number of visits to the restaurant while increasing the percentage of bookings. The improved customer engagement was the result of a clear and well-informed re-branding focused on a specific goal.

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