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User-Friendly Design.

No matter how good your product is. Until your audience cannot reach it, it is worth nothing. At SMMJAM, we develop an effective SEO & website design that enhances the user experience increases requests and purchases on the website. With the help of engaging animation, you can draw your visitors’ attention, make them stay longer on the website and interact with the content. It all has a positive effect on the ranking in all search engines. The user-friendly design ought to be simple, intuitive, eye-pleasing and reliable from top to the bottom.

We make it comfortable for users to interact with your product, put buttons in the right places and make intuitive forms to turn users into customers and boost your profit within a few clicks.

Being located in Barcelona we are working around the whole world, offering high-quality web design and SEO services. Promotion with SMMJAM is easy!

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SEO-Friendly Website.

SEO web design is a way of developing a website to make it friendly for search engines. Your potential customers will not see your website If it is not at the top of a search ranking. To avoid it, some basic SEO rules and principles should be taken into consideration. Your website has to have quality content and be well-structured.

We do not develop websites based on templates. All our clients get customized authentic platforms built to meet their needs and goals. Our customized websites are easy to be promoted and reach their potential with minimal investment. If requested, we integrate basic SEO services into your website, which increases your presence on search engines. SEO optimization makes a website search engine friendly and keeps it in a top ranking.

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We create more than just a website, but a working tool that increases the number of requests and purchases due to the user-friendly interface. With the usage of advanced tools and techniques, we create fully functional websites that offer unique user-experiences.

Smart designed

A smart site is a new black. SMMJAM uses modern technologies in witty ways and makes design accessible to users. Our websites are simple and intuitive; therefore users spend more time on the website and perform a desirable targeted action.

Fast loading

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of people will exit the page. We will not let it happen. SMMJAM conducts ecommerce web design & development fast on all devices, optimizes images and videos, fixes bugs to ensure that the page loads quickly.


Technology develops at breakneck speed and your website shouldn’t be left behind. We create website layouts that render on all browsers and devices. The content will display and perform its functions correctly everywhere. Your customers will not miss a tiny bit of your message.


Our team carefully focuses on your case, studies the market and identifies competitor strengths and weaknesses to come up with the best website for your business. SMMJAM knows how to build a website for your needs and highlight the strengths of your brand.


No more overused templates and alike looking websites, we opt for unique and effective pages. Our developers come with education and experience in the field. SMMJAM draws and builds everything from scratch to use the space to its full potential.

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