Custom-designed website development with guarantee.

Website development with SMMJAM is easy.

We are not a regular website design and development company. SMMJAM covers the entire website development process from analyzing competitive advantages to copywriting support. SMMJAM specialists consult you throughout the entire custom website development process and implement further developments for your SEO & website design promotion needs.

Promotion is crucial as it helps attract new users, but it is the visual that engages users and makes them stay and turn into loyal customers. We help you achieve this through the winning combination of smart strategy and creative UX / UI design.

Design and SEO Optimization

COVID-19 for small business: We help to adapt your Business.

Covid-19 has significantly changed behaviour in the digital world. After a year of uncertainty, most countries are still on lockdown, leaving you no way to stay connected with your customers but through social media marketing. Every business is catching up on a massive trend of converting from offline to online.

SMMJAM team will switch your business online without taking any of your time. We will minimize costs, offer new content strategies, increase your profit and brand equity in the long run. Let us turn limitations into new opportunities!

Being located in Barcelona we are working around the whole world, offering a high-quality website design and development service. Take a look at our website development portfolio!

Landing page

It is a page that is specifically designed to receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign into leads. It usually has a form that allows you to collect a visitor’s information to boost further campaigns.

Corporate website

It is the face of your business, which officially represents your brand on the Internet. Our specialists in corporate website development create business websites that are fully related to your company structure and values.


Electronic commerce is the foundation of your online retail business. The functional and user-friendly website allows you to grab users' attention and sell your goods/services directly to your audience in the most convenient way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What website should I make?

It’s also one of the most important questions you are to ask yourself as a business owner. Your website can vary significantly depending on your niche and business goals. Here the traits of the most common website types:

• Landing page (the simplest sites to create and get leads for your digital or physical business)
• Corporate website (perfect to give information about the company to let customers know its values and branding)
• E-commerce (best for business owners who sell several products and want those products to be the focus of the business)

How do we create websites?

Website development is a complex process done by SMMJAM agency on a turn-key basis. The process consists of the following steps:
• Goal setting and information gathering
• Target and competitors audit
• Web design
• Responsive website development
• Content production
• Testing
• Launching and social media promotion
• Custom support

We take full responsibility for each of the steps creating more than just a WordPress website, but an effective business tool.

How web design affects SEO?

Your target audience may get to your website by following specific keywords. But people will not stay for long due to poor website design, slow load times or hard to read text. This creates more barriers for people to engage with your site and drops your rankings. Embrace cutting edge web design done by our experienced team and boost your SEO ranking.

Why is website design important?

There are tons of websites, but only some of them do the job. A good site impacts how your audience perceives your brand. It also increases customer conversion and reduces bounce rate. An eye-pleasing and functional web page engages users and makes them remain on your page longer and learn about your business.

How Web Design and Marketing are connected?

Web design and marketing go hand-in-hand when it comes to designing your website and promoting your business in marketing campaigns. Both will improve your site’s SEO and keep visitors returning. Web design helps to build intuitive marketing funnels which lead to desired targeted actions on the website.
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